Bay Hopping in Corfu

 When you get to the high 30’s the heat gets a bit much, so a day on the water was the perfect solution. Seeing the Island from a different perspective is amazing and a boat gives you the opportunity to access those beautiful little bays that are hard to get to on foot. Who wouldn’t love their own little private bay?!

Styling in the heat isn’t easy, trust me I know- keep it simple. Minimal make-up is key; mascara, blush and a lip tint are all you need, let the summer sun kiss your skin! This full, light weight vibrant orange dress from Asos gives both comfort, elegance and shouts summer, however I must admit it doesn’t give you the best tan lines. A quick swap into my bikini by TJ Swim was the answer.

My tips for a boat day are bring an oversized shirt to cover up those exposed shoulders when it gets hot and always, always bring a large sun hat and your favourite sunnies for a touch of that Hollywood glamour.

Last but not least have fun and stay chic!






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