Attollo in Greece

Everyone has their outfit essentials on holiday, mine would be sunglasses, a woven bag and my Attollo sets. My Attollo comes everywhere with me, they are light, easy to wash and comfortable in the heat.

My Lily bra and my light blue knickers are my favourite in the summer as they are pale blue meaning they look good under white/sheer coloured clothing. I’ve always loved a white dress, especially for those white parties but finding knickers that are not visible is tricky. I’ve owned those seamless nude knickers, yes, they work and are comfy however they definitely aren’t the prettiest thing. Us girls want something beautiful, a pretty set is everything!

Attollo have it covered with their ever-expanding range! And don’t worry if you’re not a thong kind of girl, they have other styles such as their Letty Brazilian and Bikini Brief. The Letty light blue and Aurora light blue have been specially designed to act like nude does. Of course, they created the Lily bra to give us that perfect set for summer that we’ve all been dying to find!

Attollo have also recently released ‘Gigi’ the high waist knicker as part of their black range, which is COMING SOON! Gigi means ‘grace’ and that is exactly how you will feel when you wear her. It isn’t what you automatically think a high waist knicker would be, it’s graceful, beautiful and sexy! The mesh panels sculpt your curves to create that dreamy silhouette. If you are having a bloated day in the summer, slip on your Gigi’s and they will give you that extra confidence boost you need to power through the day.

My Attollo came everywhere with me this summer from Greece to Florence, where will you take yours?


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