The ‘it’ colour this season

Trust me… yellow is the ‘it’ colour this season. I am talking bold yellow, not mustard yellow or washed out yellow, it’s the type of yellow that stands out and shouts summer! You are either in or you’re not.

Personally I have always loved yellow but never quite found the right shade. Yellow has a reputation for being unflattering but the secret is just finding the right shade. The more mustard yellow tends to suit darker skins and the lighter, lemony tones tend to suit those with a fairer complexion.

This Jacket I am wearing is from Zara (I am sure you’re starting to notice a favourite brand here) and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Of course it was the bright, vibrant colour that drew me straight towards it and I felt an urge to try it on. I love not only the colour of this jacket but also the style of it, from the big angular pockets to the flared sleeves.

I appreciate that here I have gone all out, this is even brave for me and is most definitely not a subtle pop of colour. You can always ease yourself into this trend by adding accessories such as a scarf, a snazzy pair of sneakers or a bold pair of earrings. A safe bet is to wear something that you feel is a little bit risky but not so much that you feel uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable, you will feel confident and as a result you will own it!

To transform this  into an evening look I switched my trainers for a elegant pair of high heels and tied my hair back in a ribbon, easy.

However with this bold yellow you just have to go for it. As you can see I was all in. I associate yellow with happiness and confidence as it helps lift your mood.

Go for it, you can pull it off!

What I’m wearing: Jacket by Zara, jeans by Lee, trainers by Adidas, heels by Asos, bag by Givenchy



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