The Iconic Eiffel Tower

Not many people visit Paris without stopping at the Eiffel Tower. This is my second visit to Paris and I still wanted to see this landmark again. On my last visit I opted for the lifts as this is a quick and easy option getting you to the panoramic views fast, however this time my best friend had decided the pedestrian option was the way forward- a full 1,710 step climb to the top! This becomes harder when you are laughing your way up, but it is excellent exercise and well worth the reward of such an incredible view of Paris!

Having visited it during the day, we wanted to view it by night as it is beautifully lit up. This time we wanted to see it from a distance to appreciate its full splendor. In the evening we set out for post dinner cocktails and headed for Café de L’homme situated in the Trocadero area directly across the river from the Eiffel Tower.

This really is a special cocktail bar/restaurant with unmissable views of the Eiffel Tower by night and in my opinion this is the best place to view it from, especially if you want to enjoy it until early hours of the morning.

It has a wonderful roof top terrace with large, comfortable sofas; perfect to relax on when you’ve been on your feet all day and a fabulous choice of cocktails served by some very handsome French waiters (always a bonus!).

Outside the Café is a very large terraced area with an energetic atmosphere buzzing with people. This place is a must!


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