During my trip to Paris, my best friend and I took a spontaneous visit to the beautiful Guerlain store situated along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The remodelled historical boutique is quite traditional compared to some of the other designer shops, which makes it stand out. We actually had a plan for the day of which stores we were going to visit, this was not on our list, however the beautiful exterior draws you in and as you enter it’s like a theatre for perfume, where the bottles and scents take centre stage!

You are invited to smell and learn about the various ingredients and gain a small understanding of the skills needed to be a master perfumier. There were displayed glass bottles containing various essential oils and key ingredients for many of their perfumes, it is incredible how strong some of the scents are, yet when put together a completely new scent is created with different layers.

Seeing this makes the perfumes feel individual and special and removes the feeling of mass production.

To add to this the layout and interior of the store only enhances what is already a product of luxury. The quantity of bottles displayed along with the intoxicating scents makes the store a piece of interior artwork, meaning the whole experience is a feast for your senses.

You are of course encouraged to try the perfumes and one thing is for sure, we both walked out smelling absolutely divine!


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